In Babyverse Last Week: One of Many Firsts

We had a week of firsts! The first (much dreaded) Parent-Teacher Meeting and the first movie at the theater. I was psyched – innately nervous about the first and absolutely hopeless about the second.

First, about the PTM. I feel for the teacher, no really, I do. I literally look forward to the 4 hours in the morning, when I parcel T off to school. And there she is at the other end, accepting 20 such parcels – talk about misery multiplied. She sounded a bit like Sukumar Ray in “Sat Patra”. She rattled off a long list of areas of improvement, whispering intermittently, that all is well. Might be a coping mechanism. The 3 week report card suggests that Baby T is a doer with no patience for instructions or concepts (not unlike Papa Darling), hyperactive (yups, Pops), takes time to befriend (definitely Papa’s girl) and competitive (okay, that’s a bit like me, maybe). But “baki sab thik hai”! I, being I, researched on all possible syndromes that can define this category of child behavior. I found an answer too – it’s called Toddlerhood.

Now about the movie, I have a memo for Disney and whoever makes these calls. Make your lovely, animated motion pictures available in 2D, please. Unless, your target audience doesn’t include kids. It’s possible – I am only checking. But if you decide to make a ‘fishy movie’ that T must see, please ensure I have an option where I do not have to continuously fish for fragile, plastic glasses on filthy multiplex floors, in pitch dark! Also, Finding Dory was boring and plotless. Nothing like Nemo. T held her patience till the interval after which she asked us to ‘switch off the big TV and go home’. She did find her retractable seat entertaining enough to finish the movie and only screamed that once when Dory found her parents – “Mumma Pappa”!

All in all, average firsts both. Thank God for small mercies.



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