Waking up to a Crime Scene

Have you ever been super annoyed with the parenting magazines/websites/advertisements that show the parents with their toddler(s) on pristine white sheets, in idyllically decorated houses? Get real, Marketing, please! What kind of a parent manages that? Do they come from a different planet with toddlers that behave better or parents that can Super-clean or something?

That family apparently exists, while I am mastering the art of rag picking at home. I find myself constantly picking stuff from the floor, the couch, the bed, the kitchen sink. And I often wonder aloud, with mild use of cuss words that CBFC would have banned I believe, where so much stuff comes from?

One night I went off to sleep before the rest of the family and this is what I woke up to:

Exhibit 1: A cup of chocolate milk, half filled (see, I can be optimistic), that baby and daddy had considerately laid out on the kid’s table for the ants that I did not know co-existed

Exhibit 2: A carefully strewn biscuit crumb trail, that I understand baby made, to ensure she can find her way back to the TV when she woke up

Exhibit 3: A stack of books adorning the floor that seems to have been used in lieu of carpet

Exhibit 4: An overturned tricycle, in whatever space was left in the living area, decorated tastefully (yups, baby’s got class) with ribbons and headbands of varied hues

Exhibit 5: Get this – laundered, clean clothes, strung together for fun and lying in dumps in the couches and around it.

Crime scene

From every angle that I saw the masterpiece, it looked like a scene from that hidden objects Crime Scene  game that keeps popping on FB. I wanted to shake the two up from what looked like peaceful slumber (how can you sleep like that knowing that your house is destroyed!) and ask them what exploded. But, you know what, they would probably think they did a great job of keeping it from burning down and go back to sleep anyhow.

So, yeah, advertisements that show a toddler (her smiling dad) and perfect linen in the same frame are lying!




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