In Babyverse Yesterday: The Reluctant Pre-Schooler

I had imagined it differently in my head. You cannot blame me, T gave all kinds of false signals. She had been a darling at the daycare I left her at, when she was all of 5 months. She shouted excitedly every single time we passed her ‘new’ school building. She selected her accessories with spectacular care and even packed her own bag the night before the big day.

Trisha 1

So, I walked in to her class yesterday morning, with the camera ready, to capture her indifferent smile at achieving the milestone – first day at ‘Big’ school! All hell broke loose. She was uncomfortable and clingy, started bawling as soon as I left the room and needed a lot of consoling to calm down. She made some tidy negotiations that I am proud of – “will eat without crying”, “will not be stubborn”, “will work at your office” etc. – all in exchange of being taken home.

I gave her some cock-n-bull and left, with a very heavy heart, might I add. I spent the next four hours whiling my time away at new makeup fads and internet crap, just to distract myself. My husband watched the drama in silent disapproval – talk about being passive-aggressive!

In the evening, when we were celebrating her achievement in the local mall, she declared that she had made the decision to drop out of school. She was vehement that there was nothing nourishing or entertaining there and that she can learn more from the internet. I should have expected this from a hyper-millenial. It took us some major scare tactics to get her ready today. I am possibly scarring her for life!

I have decided to enjoy her reluctance, keeping in mind the throw-forward to the day,  when she would be all too eager to leave home. Happy Schooling, reluctant camper!




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