Child-free Vacation, check!

I took off to the nearby hills, sans hubby and baby, last weekend, despite the guilt trip. I traveled with my friend to an obscure place on the Western Ghats, that offered very limited connectivity to the outside world. The trip deserves a separate post, which I plan to dish out shortly on my other blog ( On this one, let me relay to you, the plight of a parent caught between the lust for personal time and the helpless addiction to baby.

Let me begin by saying, I recommend the experience for all parents. It is the proverbial ‘cord-cutting’, that the parent needs leagues more than the baby does. But, the journey to being this evolved parent, with optimum time for baby and self, is much harder than I imagined.

For starters, I kept seeing kids, who looked remarkably like T, everywhere I went – in the airport, coffee shop, sunset point, the stinky public toilets, with their fading ‘Swachh Bharat’ graffiti – everywhere. All of them were calling out to their mums, endearingly. It took me a while to realize that some of the parents were creeping out at my unblinking stare at their darlings. So, that had to stop.

I had to remind myself to look cool and unaffected, so that the sissy mommy, who wanted nothing more than to cuddle up to baby at home, was not exposed. I tried hard to keep the conversation neutral and diverse – but baby came up ever so often. There was a couple of times I caught myself beaming with pride as I described her prodigious skills in scribbling or crapping. I am not so sure non-parents share the same enthusiasm about stories that involve shit and such!

Of course, I slept at my baby’s bedtime, despite my friend’s gallant efforts to keep me alive. That must have been fun for her, trying to coddle me to stay awake for just another fifteen minutes, at half past nine! But then, I had too much of the bed to myself. I have forgotten, clearly, how to sleep without being kicked in the gut. Because, I kept thrashing around in sleep and struggling with my pillow, almost smothering my friend one night. Ya, what a vacay for her!

My hubby was glad that the network was flimsy. Every time we spoke, I kept prodding him for more on her whereabouts. He got vaguer and vaguer with each passing conversation. After about the fifth time, he refused to send any further pics of her taking a bath or digging mud. He told me I could have saved a ton by just staying put, instead of living the same day in a different state.

That was that. I have checked an item off the bucket list – travel without baby, for fun. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip. But next time, she’s coming along!

Child free vac

Pic Courtesy: Ray Sawhill, Flikr,




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