Shifting Base,Toddler and All

The Parentrics family was completely out of online action for some time and we have a very reasonable explanation. We survived moving base from one end of our congested city to another, toddler and all. Oh yes, we are all in one piece – thanks for asking!

There is something about an empty apartment that awakens the dormant housekeeper in me. So when we decided to move back to our own place, out came the design apps and housekeeping magazines. Photos were ‘hearted’ and ideas were ‘pinned’. In my head, I was Lady Suri, floating weightlessly (fantastic!) around my picture-perfect abode, smiling radiantly at the imaginary compliments. I had planned for all eventualities, except for one jarring reality – the toddler in the house.

I thought I had packed that!

Remember those mind-numbing maths puzzles were one tap fills a well and another empties it – leaving you with a very dry pit, despite herculean efforts? It was surreal being part of a live problem where boxes of toys were emptying faster than they could be packed off. I suggested issuing a restraining order on the little brat but apparently it is not legal to keep your own ward at bay!

The Imperfect World

There is nothing like a shifting exercise to showcase the imperfect lives of tired parents. The stark evidences of our lackadaisical parenting lay around us after the packing was done – unmatched socks, incomplete toy sets, limbless dolls, <shudder>.

Décor, Toys, Filth what’s the difference?

My fantasyland turned quickly into an amusement park for the three feet man cub. Decorative pebbles, ceramic curios, cutlery, crockery – aaaargh, what was I thinking! After couple of hours of trying and negotiating, I resigned to the idea of living in a pig sty.


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This is what I learned…

#1 Pack your kids off to someplace safe before shifting – summer camp, grandparents’, daycare – doesn’t matter, as long as they are far, far away from your boxes.  If that is not possible, pack them off in cartons. If someone objects (unfair), at least keep them in room arrest of some sort with abundant resources and entertainment

#2 The word you are looking for is ‘minimalist’. Buy nothing – no furniture, no books, no bedding, no linen. Trust me – one day you would have to move. And then they would rise against you in mutiny and drown you in wood and cotton. Be safe, live like a hermit!

#3 What you have from your ambitiously settled past is most probably not going to survive the journey. Take time to say your goodbyes to those lovely china sets, photo frames and vases. Also, to prevent future heartbreak, buy everything you must in disposable plastic – hang the environment! (convenience over life – right?)

#4 You will have no routine for at least a month – get used to anarchy. Remember, all we need is a little push.

#5 You will not have that house from House magazine ever! At least not until your kids have moved to a different postal code. Might as well get in a relationship with endearing mess.


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