Baby K’s Special Weekend

My daughter Is a person of routine. She religiously follows her day care routine for 5 days of the week. We get feedback from the day care team is that she is friendly, talkative, playful and, in general, an easy child. MY weekend experiences, however, are much more eventful and exciting. Let me generalize a bit and try to jot down a mundane weekend day for all of you!

Mou kUhu

The wake-up call: So my husband and I run around in different directions throughout the week. Sometimes we even meet, for example, when there is an urgent milk scarcity or burnt dinner. So we try to act more like a couple over the weekend. Well, weekend mornings are our “cozy” times. At least used to be till a year back. After waking up a “little” later than usual, well you know, we used to “talk and hold hands”. But these days my tod acts as our alarm. I am very sure she was born with a proximity sensor. She sleeps peacefully through my husband’s snores and our bathroom breaks throughout the night. But if he comes within say one arm distance of me, she wakes up in alarm!

The breakfast: This is a really tricky part. These days she is maintaining a diet, that basically does not comprise of food. She chews on leftovers from the floor, newspapers, toys, and sometimes even her shoes. She bites us whenever she gets a chance, but making her gulp down 5 scoops of cornflakes or a piece of toast takes few hours. so much so, it borders into lunch time!

The time between breakfast and lunch: This is when we make most out of our weekend,: We try to cook our food while she opens my kitchen wardrobe and one by one gets all my utensils. Sometimes she uses them like a stool and sits or stands on them. At other times, she rolls them on the floor. Her favorite being the one where I store my potatoes. Somehow the dusty muddy potatoes are way cuter than colorful balls and she throws them around the house. Of course, I let her, as I need this time to cook our food, load the dishwasher and do a hundred other things.

Oh yes, if time permits I also give her a bath occasionally!

The lunch hour: Actually I generalized here. It is either hours or minutes. I should be honest, there are days she gobbles up food like a garden gnome. Other days you can count how many grains of rice she ate. This is also the time we watch our weekly soaps while she watches her youtube. Well, she watches at most of other times too but this one we can rationalize.

The matinee show: These days since its pretty cold outside we try to finish our outdoor activities by 5 pm. We go out. Either to a park or groceries. Either case she enjoys this part a lot. She loves going out.. so much so she screams at the top of her voice to run around within the bus. Being confined in the stroller is so not-cool for her while helpless passengers remark “ how cute” or “looks like someone is tired” or “is she hungry?”Her father usually tries to maintain the balance by dozing off.

The evenings and nights: These are easier and fun times. After a whole day of household work and helping me… Baby K actually gets tired, eats her food and plays with her toys! She loves house parties and plays the graceful host by playing with whoever comes. However, you may get fooled by her demeanor and construe her to be rude at times specially when she snatches another kid’s chocolate and shrieks at the top of her voice. However, she is generally sad when people leave.

Thus ends our weekend. Generally, the other day is either more household activities or more parties, but the overall routine is same. But after five days of staying away from this shrieking kitten, I enjoy playing mom over the weekends. And secretly it motivates me for my Mondays too. 

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