Bond, Daddy Bond

Daddy is winning the favorite parent game at ours – hands frikkin’ down. The man can do no wrong in the eyes of daddy’s little angel. It takes mommy hours of jumping, running and dancing like the circus clown to earn a respectable laughter from the duly entertained toddler. Daddy only has to throw ma’am in the air to the same effect. It should have been annoying – only that it is so convenient.

air swing

Daddy D has been a natural in building the dad-baby bond. Changing diapers, being on night duty, singing (albeit tunelessly) to the sleepy baby – he has done it all. One move that, I feel, really helped them come close was the “Open Sandwich” sleeping act. T sleeps off most adorably on top of a dozing daddy – even to the day. Touchwood!

open sandwich

As I watch the two goof around, while I flip through a book and sip my wine, I thank the Lord for Daddy Bond!



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