Mommy’s Men of the Year 2015

In mommy world, doting fathers are IT! The absolute pinnacle of sexy is a hot, successful Daddy in full swing Dad duty. The three men below are on this mommy’s bucket list! Cheer on for Mommy’s Men of the Year 2015.

#1 Mark Zuckerberg is hitting it out of the park, with cuteness to spare. His latest photo with Max on the changing table is going to make it to every mommy’s little fantasy book. The goofy, billionaire nerd who is ready to change a thousand diapers – look no further ladies, the man of the millennium is among us.

MZ diaper change.jpg

Pic Courtesy: MZ’s public FB profile

#2 Benedict Cumberbatch: Then there is Cumberbatch. The (self-proclaimed feminist) new daddy is making us swoon all over him. The 39 year old apparently wants a truck-load of kids and writes heart-warming notes to Santa to throw in some magic in the life of our children, as thick clouds of reality swim over their little lives. <multiple awwwwws>

#3 Justin Trudeau: The new Prime Minister of Canada is married to his childhood friend and is a proud daddy of three sweethearts. He is a liberal and a feminist, besides being obnoxiously good-looking. This video captures him standing at the airport, welcoming Syrian refugees to their new home. Can’t. Get. Enough!

Fellow mommies, anybody I missed?




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