The many faces of Madame T

This week got me by the throat – literally! I was knocked out cold (hot, actually) by a virus I under-estimated. It slowed down my brain functioning close at the edges of permanent stupidity. But seems like I might have just survived. So, excuse the muddled post.

While we are on the topic of brain function, T is ready to embark on her academic adventure.  Which can only mean one horrifying thing – school interviews.

Baby T seems in control, rattling off poems and songs like a pro. She does struggle with color identification – but we are not aiming at Picasso, given her lineage. She is responsive, playful even, delivering tongue-in-cheek responses that seem outlandish from a two year old. But, and this is a BIG BUT – only to the audience of her liking. She stays masked till she can be absolutely sure of her compatibility with her company. Till she gets comfortable, she could come across as either a snob or a simpleton – neither of which is going to see her through her first interview.


Please advise on how you prepped your LOs for the first public interview. I am breaking out in cold sweat intermittently – either it is this stress or the fever breaking, I can’t be sure!

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