In Babyverse: Baby Ninja Floors Mom

I was adamant about not co-sleeping and worked as an unpaid marketing agent for crib manufacturers for sometime. And then the ‘spinning’ toddler outgrew her crib and landed squarely in the middle of my bed. So much for my parenting advice! I haven’t mustered the heart to transfer her to her room yet – a project I am hoping to embark on shortly.

Last night, T kept shuffling in the bed, sobbing in her sleep. For obvious reasons, I thought that her discomfort had something to do with her blocked nose.┬áT doesn’t handle the sniffles too well. From the very first snot sighting, hub and I are on high alert, tip-toeing around the house and keeping a vigilant eye on the mood meter. Of course, the worst surfaces when our guards are low, in the middle of the night.


I was feeling very sorry for the sweetheart when suddenly, she performed one clean, ninja-like, sweeping kick. Even before my muddled head could tune in to my new co-ordinates on the cold floor, darling was happily asleep again. Hang the cold, girl just needs my spot on the bed! That project needs to be executed quickly.



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