New Moms Alert: This video could save your life!

The first three months of motherhood has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Period. You can of course read about my Year One experience in this light hearted note. But it was actually shit hard – harder than calculus, first time rappling experience and 27 hours of labor put together!

T at month one was a heady mix of baby colic and fabulously strong lungs. I had gotten to a point where I wanted to hang on to daytime with my dear life. But then she would start and so would our never ending attempt to calm her down. If there was any way to go back, I would have wanted to try this swaggy, bum wiggle to test the credibility of this method. But you have a see and give it a little try if you have a cranky, little cuddle monster at home. I seem to agree in principle – a little bum jig does help calm me down when hell breaks loose!



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