’90s Game Classes for T Co.

I was passing by the schoolyard of a local public school for underprivileged children. It seemed like Physical Training hour and the kids were in groups playing varied games. The sight took me back in time before video games were invented and basketball became fashionable. I do not care how archaic it makes me sound, back in the day, we had ourselves and our imagination to play with. And I am absolutely certain that we had more fun.

kho kho


Hopscotch was the mother of all time-whilers. Whether you were stuck alone at the spinster aunt’s or had a gang and nowhere to go, kitkit/stapu could see you through. All that was needed was a piece of stone that could etch lines on the floor. For the more entitled millenial, you can buy the hopscotch board here.

With my superior arm strength (yups, there’s a post about it), I wasn’t exactly the house champion in Kho Kho or Kabaddi, but played nonetheless.

Then there were the lesser cousins: Color Man, Kumir Danga (Crocodile Chase), Kana Macchi (Blindfold Hide-n-Seek), Tag, Dog and the Bone, Posham Pa among others. And if you were a no-good, goofball like yours truly, you were tagged the ‘Doodh Bhaat’ (weaklink with the priviledge of infinite game-life benefits). I found this great exhaustive list – be prepared for a nostalgia attack.

I often wonder whether I would have to gatecrash my toddler’s evening soiree and take classes on these games. And whosoever mentions Angry Birds goes straight to my little black book!

What games do you encourage your bubs to play that doesn’t involve spending anything more than your precious time?


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