What’s up @ Parentrics: Nov 2015

  1. Co-sleeping was ruled out and year one looked much less scary retrospectively
  2. Terrible terrible Year Two, however, is kicking Mommy in all the wrong places
  3. Baby T joined the Feminist movement, asked a guy out and threw (a very intimidating) caution to the wind
  4. Dad got nominated for ‘Man-No-Booker’ and Mum won ‘Wimp Arm of the Year’ award in Stripped
  5. The house was undecided on movies and restaurant for T, but screen time was okayed. Essentially, she is going to have all her dates at home for sometime.
  6. There were pearls of Mommy Wisdom thrown around along with some cool vids and photos

You could follow Crazy Mommy and Baby T around, for fun, at the Parentrics FB Page or here us chirp on Twitter too!

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