In Babyverse this morning: All Fall Down

Baby T and I went for a short walk this morning. Considering the state of Indian roads and sidewalks (or the lack of them), our little outing might safely be classified as a legitimate hike.

guesss who

Guess which one needs a leash during walks?

When T had first learnt to walk, I had purchased a baby leash. The idea, of a rampant toddler under safe control, was tantalizingly appealing to me. Don’t judge me yet, I didn’t get to use it much as in our first round with it, T figured out a way to open the strap and free herself from the bag completely. I wish I knew a way to make the ‘tether’ work for us.


That’ll be me!

So I depended solely on ‘careful’s and ‘watch it’s to guide her during our walk. But despite all the forewarning, there was a ‘thud and flat’ incident. There was crying and consoling. There was a ‘haat pakdo please’ (request to hold hand) post the incident. Thankfully there was no injury and the subject was self not baby. And now she is going around calling me ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and considering putting me on a ‘tether’ instead.

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