Baby to the Movies: Yay or Nay

I feel like I carry the burden of preaching theater etiquettes to the ignorant masses. I always find myself shushing and tut-tutting the delinquents – the mobile freak, the late-coming shadow maker, the ultra-loud popcorn churner and the script narrating know-it all. Once I sneered openly at the ‘Man in Front’ for a full minute before realizing that the sound of the mobile was coming from the movie itself! (I sunk very low in my chair for the rest of the movie)

And now the moment of truth is here. Till date, Baby T hasn’t seen the insides of a movie theater. But, Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is in town and the dino geek kids have found their voice. Dino’s are so in – they are in the underwear closet as well. I am lusting for no. 4 on this Dino Fashion list for my Dino dose of Winter Fashion. If you know where to get this in India, please let me know.

Anyhow, I digress. The point is the meteor hasn’t hit, the Dinosaurs are still walking the earth, Man-Boy is Dino’s doggy dearest and Baby T is drooling all over this trailer:

The moral dilemma is so intense that I am getting Dino nightmares worse than the ones Jurassic Park gave me when I was ten. The following could happen if I take T:

Scenario 1: She loves Dino, shrieks mildly at the right moments, giggles heartily for the rest of the movie, keeps still on her seat the entire time and comes out cleaning her skirt of the one truant popcorn that had managed to slip.

Ok – I am hallucinating.

The More Likely Scenario 2: She loves Dino, wants to run to the screen and hug him, showers popcorn on the head of the ‘Man in Front’, cowers at the sight and sound of the ‘not so good’ dinos, starts screaming because the sound is loud, unearths chewing gum from under the seat and wants to pee during the climax. It could be much worse, I am trying to be optimistic.

But this is Dino we are talking about – the movie theater is likely to look like a detention class for embarassed parents anyhow. So, should I take a leap of faith and take T to her first movie ever? What do you say? Yay or Nay?



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