Motherhood Phenom: Old friends, New conversation

I have had the ultimate good fortune of belonging to a gang of friends who I love to the moon and back. We have known each other since the inception of the World Wide Web and yeah, that makes us ‘matured in our years’!

When a rendezvous is planned with the people you grew up with, it automatically triggers anticipations of long conversations and merry giggling. The gossip that needs to be caught up with is top of mind as you make way for the PARTAYYYY!

Firnds 2

We met, we hugged, we spoke – for hours. The lil ones (aged 1 month to 3 years) hung out, may I say, without any major injuries. That felt like an achievement.

It was heartwarming to pick up seamlessly from where we had left. But the conversation, well, that had changed. Scroll down for the trending topics:

#1 Diapers: Diapers have a way of making it to every conversation we have. Doesn’t matter if we start from the weather or world politics, the answer is a good diaper. It soaks, it’s magic. It has usurped ‘Hot Men’ as the leading topic of discussion in our lives.

#2 Poo: And where there’s a diaper, there’s a crap to be discussed. From newborn frequency to potty training tips – Poo is in. Stinky or sticky, muddy or formed, regular or constipated, poop has fulfilled our existence.

#3 Firsts: The ‘firsts’ need to be established. There is a winner in each category and the awards are handed out with much ado. There is one who smiled at half a week and another that spoke before it sat. Then there is walking, burping, farting and a million other categories of varied importance. Thankfully, there are enough departments to make everyone feel like a winner.

#4 Weight: To be absolutely fair, this one was on the list before the babes came along. But then we did not have a strong excuse to fall back on. Now we speak without the guilt. The world can go around subliminally messaging body image issues – we do not care. Moms are heart shaped all over the world.

#5 Makin’ out: Now there’s a spicy topic you say! Hold it – we are usually discussing how little we want or have. How our partners are slowly turning into roommates with very, very, very rare benefits. It is like we are on reality television – and bub’s BIG BROTHER – always watching!

I have to admit that we have scared the couple of ‘yet to be moms’ away from parenthood for a few good years. But I feel confident they would come around. I wondered, given a choice, whether I would want to discuss ‘Hot Men’ again. Nopes, not unless they are available as baby sitters. Cheers to new conversations.




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