What we are Reading this week:Baby’s Treasure Hunt

Rating: 3/5

Traveling with mum when dad is not around is such a pleasure. She looks absolutely out of her elements and it needs so much as a sneeze to hassle her. Bingo! I hear she wrote about it in a recent post. There is only one way I can handle being with her in the same flight. I read.

book 2

This week, I am dabbling in the non-fiction genre. This absolute visual pleasure of a book is called “Baby’s Treasure Hunt“, is published by Priddy Books and is neatly overpriced at INR 600. I swear mom went a little blue when she flipped to the price tag. Wait till she figures that it is a full INR 200 cheaper on Amazon – avoid her for a while, this will be rough.

There is not so much treasure as a ragged teddy hidden in the pages of the book amidst rows of beautiful images. Each page has one mismatched item that cool babes like myself can detect in a flash – parents of slower children need not worry, I am gifted!

The book is hard bound – I find it convenient to nibble on or swat an insect with. I can find the teddy each time and I am feeling that it’s getting easier with each repeat. But it’s supposed to be improving my observation and stuff, at least that’s how mum is defending that whimsical purchase to herself. I hear the author is raising four children in London – he needs babies like me to influence their disinterested parents to do some social good by purchasing this beauty.


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