In Babyverse: Distress and de-stress

I have had the honor of travelling alone with T in the recent past. It is an absolutely humbling experience.

I am, usually, one of those super confident women you see in the security queue in airports, throwing condescending looks at latecomers and showing unwarranted benevolence towards new travellers. My transformation when T is with me is so stark, I confirm my identity on passport, just to be sure.

With T, I am always fumbling. First, I lose the phone and then the IDs. If I manage to retrieve those, I cannot keep track of the boarding passes. I let T ramble around and apologize lamely to those who don’t find her histrionics cute. And then I yell at her and get judged by the teeming masses for my obviously lacking parenting skills.

It was no different in one of our latest encounters at the airport. The situation was intense when T heaved a sigh, put a palm on her head and exclaimed, “Kitna stress hain, so jaana chahiye” (There is so much stress, I better sleep)

My little clown is a total stress buster!

One thought on “In Babyverse: Distress and de-stress

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