5 Steps to Date Night for Parents

Step #1 : This is an optional step, depending on the husband’s alignment to the idea of outing without the baby. Mine’s just a sycophantic baby pleaser!

Convince hubby on the strategic importance of date nights. If the tide doesn’t turn, research post natal depression on the home computer and leave the page open for accidental discovery.

Step #2: Research a place that has no babychairs and limited ambient lighting.

Step #3: Assume an air of non-chalance – like you have all the time in the world. Wear pajamas as long as humanly possible before a date. Consider changing date night 3in the car

Step #4: Try to put the baby to sleep before leaving. Consider filling the house with white noise and sleep hypnosis. Don’t fall asleep in the process (yups, has happened to us!)

Step #5: Once out the doors (finally), force self and partner to discuss at least one topic beyond the baby. Indulge a little in the togetherness. Try not to spend the entire evening missing the tot.

That’s it – the formula to the perfect Date Night. I will let you know how it went when I have one!


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