In Babyverse: Baby becomes Mommy

T is an Owl brand baby. Cool as a cucumber all day, she used to kick up a storm in my womb the minute I would hit the bed at night. And when at four months, she actually started sleeping nights – it was from 1am to 9am.

Owl Compare

Uncanny, right!

She still remains the Midnight Glory and it is a lot of hardwork to get her to retire by 10pm.

Last night, we put the lights out and were feigning sleep. Suddenly, I felt a little hand on my head and a small voice going:

“Soja channa, aaja Soja, cha sapnon main cha,

Nid ki paliya pen ki ayi pelo me payal”

<Sleep, baby sleep, fly off to your dreams,

The fairies of sleepland are serenading you>

Tears. Of. Joy.

When your baby serenades you back with the song that she has learnt from you, those long sleepless nights seem so worth it!

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