5 Baby Products for my Mommyhood Mystery Box

It feels like ages since I shopped for the unborn/newborn baby. I was like a bratty teenager with a sponsored credit card. I bought stuff because they looked cute, felt important or were made in a country other than China.

I sometimes wonder, if I were to be given a Mystery Box, a la Masterchef, to survive early mommy days, what items would I wish for. Following is my list

#5 Graco Stroller Citilite: I was very clear that I DID NOT want a stroller that could replace a tank during wartime. I had once witnessed a harrowed mum trying to close this massive contraption while balancing a babe in her arms – watching her gave me a shoulder ache. So we got this light weight push chair that T still enjoys from time to time. And it’s 5 kgs, I mean thats literally lighter than my thunder arms.

Price range: $$$

#4 Babylove Carry Rocker: There are so many outrageously expensive variants of the rocker. But this lovely gift from Granny and Gramps was T’s sanctuary of peace. She ate, slept and moved around in this. I am sure she would have wanted to get married in it if she could fit in. There were days I fantasized about putting her on the bed and enjoying the rocking myself for a bit – the thunder arms came in the way!

Price range: $

#3 Quick Dry Sheets: Do you remember the old school rubber sheets of the ’80s. They were cold, slippery and it took a chinese balancing act to avoid a mess. Quick dry is like a big, thin diaper that can be carried around in the purse. It comes in all kinds of sizes (up to the size of a full scale double bed) – so let the baby roll! It is my all purpose, go-to cover all. Click here if you are looking for this lifesaver!

Price range: $

#2 Avent Microwave Bottle Sterilizer and Pigeon Bottles:  Ok, I know those really are two items and I am cheating a bit. But it’s my game, my rules. I have lost a small fortune trying a gazillion bottle types and boy, have I seen some weird bottle nipples. T rejected each one of them – the more expensive ones with greater vengeance. I was at a stage where I was blueprinting the idea of cloning a human breast when suddenly, she took the Pigeon Peristaltic variant at 5 months. I am not that into the Almighty, but that moment came very close to a Miracle! The sterilizer could finally be put to the use it was manufactured for (we had been storing condiments in it till that point). Both proved extremely useful and lasted forever.

Price: $$

#1 Fisher Price Precious Planet diaper bag: Once the diaper bag replaces the handbag as the fashion accessory, you have arrived in the mommyworld. I can totally see myself going ‘I am wearing Victoria Beckam today, the bag is Fisher-Price’ on the red carpet! Till date, this bag follows T around like the little pug in the Hutch ads.

Price: $$$

What baby products are you picking ‘to-be’/new mom? Give us a sneak peek of your list!

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