In Babyverse this Morning: My Bubbulesssss…..

Bubbles and Bubs are discretely adorable elements. Put them together and what’s not to love?! I love this Baby and Bubbles compilation on Youtube featuring rockstar babies making bubble business look hip. Special mention to the two gumballs who don’t even need soap or instrument – their cute little mouths are enough!

Then there is the sub-ninja skill level bunch. And T is squarely in their company in the art of bubble blowing. I am a realist (hubby calls me a wet rag). When T walks up to me to show a Wolf and calls it a Doggyyyyy – I correct her, every time. So, when we handed T her first tub of bubble soap and asked her to blow, I wanted a flurry of perfectly round bubbles to fill our world (God save my kid! I am MomZilla)

The exercise she performed resembled a lung stress test more than bubble blowing. I was temporarily distressed. But you know what, it was cute.

I am working on it – she will get better at this, soon. Watch proof of progress right here!

One thought on “In Babyverse this Morning: My Bubbulesssss…..

  1. This was a super fun time… A time mixed with trying to blow bubbles to excitement in bursting them to resentment for bubbles which went far beyond the reach


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