Kids roaming free in Fine Dines – Yay or Nay

Biggest discovery of the day – Facebook has withdrawn its Poll functionality. Why Mark, why? LOVE Priscilla’s pregger pics, by the way! (What, just in case he reads alright! I don’t want to start on a totally wrong foot). Which meant that I had to use a third party site,, for the poll on the subject line topic, which did not serve the purpose all too well.

Anyhow, I will share my personal views with all of you and let you comment with your thoughts.

I have stopped taking Baby T to fine dines. If the place doesn’t coronate all of its patrons or have a takeaway counter, baby stays at home. Which means we are eating out every time Haley’s comet makes an appearance (more money for shoes, so who cares).

But there are those odd days when T is dressed up in fineries and dragged to an elegant sit down. T always makes a coy entrance. She even requests for a baby chair and settles in to check the cushion out. In most cases, her ‘dainty’ is all exhausted even before the steward has said his first hi! The rest of the evening is like a tag team wrestling match. One man is always in the ring and CANNOT leave sight of the goal until he is tagged out of the job by the partner. Conversations revolve around the map of the buffet layout and the quickest way to get the hell out of the place. Obviously, it also involves apologizing to every other diner in the room.

My vote is Nay – it is cruel to ruin the evening for those who worked out devious plans to leave their little monsters at home. Give the guys a break!

I do understand that I am starting to sound like a paedophobe. I would want to reassure you of my undying love for babies. But do you really disagree with my verdict on this? Please do comment on the post with your thoughts.

Update: While the house stands divided, the best comment came from the gorgeous mommy of two princesses, Madhumita Mookherjea. She pointed out that it is not exactly the dream evening for the kiddos as well to be limited to the confinements of a restaurant. I can imagine T going, “Excuse me Sir, can you bring my parents a couple of chairs and straightjacket them on it. Also please serve them a plate of your blandest pasta. I dare them to call this a fine dine after”

One thought on “Kids roaming free in Fine Dines – Yay or Nay

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