The Grand Diwali of Memories

Diwali is Big – no arguments. It doesn’t get bigger than the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Mesut Ozil showcasing ethnic glamour to wish the country on the Festival of Lights. But if you are in Bengaluru, festivals, no matter how huge, have a way of turning it down a couple of notches. The week preceding Diwali was a depressing washout and we were not expecting it to clear up on D-day. But lo and behold the sun shone – heaven be blessed.

This was supposed to be T’s intro to firecrackers and I was excited, a tad more than my hubby. He was in charge of prep and all he had procured for my Baby’s grand night was a box of lame, standard sparkles (better known in the country as fuljhari). I was still hopeful of making some fabulous memories with what we got and boy, did the night deliver! Here are the memories that would stay with us forever:


5:45PM: As we lit up candles around the house, Baby T went berserk running from candle to candle, whispering “happy birthday, foo”, “happy birthday, foo”. It was a few minutes before we realised that we were ligthing up more candles than we had bought!

6:05PM: We got ready for the pooja, with Baby all coy in her new Salwar Kameez and the dupatta on her head. As the sounds dimmed and the ‘Aarti’ turned up, BaPhotoshootby T decided to cut a loud cheeser. Not the kind of ‘Bang’ we were hoping for – but it definitely made us rip out in laughter. God, T is gonna kill me when she is bigger.

6:15PM: Photoshoot was a complete success with T dishing out selfie moves from fashion mags. WScaredonder where she learnt all that from (Hubby rolled some eyes at me)!

6:35PM: The apartment had a ‘Cracker Party’ set up at the tennis court. We got to spend about 5 minutes in the enclosure before T got wimpy and teary eyed. I haven’t seen her this frightened since her Singing Dino had a battery crisis.

The rest of the evening was spent cooped up in the bedroom, curtains drawn, hands cupped over little ears, little heart racing faster than sports cars. For T, this was no less than all out War! This was the first time ever I understood the ‘No Crackers’ campaign fully!So that was the shortest Diwali ever, but a memorable one still. How was yours?

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