One. Two..Buckle Your Shoe, Fasten your Belt, Bumpy ride ahead…

“That’s my secret, Capt’n.. I am always Angry!”

– Bruce Banner (aka the Hulk)

Ok, so Bruce Banner mouthed the words. I am sure as hell though, that he took inspiration from a two year old in the middle of a meltdown. Euphemisms are moot, so let me say it just the way it is: The Terrible Twos need to be rechristened The Crazy, Mindnumbing, Push you to your Absolute Brink Twos. My doll has always been a strong-willed child. She said decisive “NO”s at 6 months (I have video footage to prove it) and selected her clothes at 18(m). Yet, I hadn’t enrolled for meditation classes for her twos – duh!

 If you are not a parent and are looking for some entertainment, search the web for innumerable examples of toddler tantrums. They seem hilarious if you are not a parent, nowhere near as funny if you are one.

At the moment, Baby T’s resemblence to the Hulk is uncanny! One moment, she is this peaceful, dainty baby girl reciting “Itsy, Bitsy”, not unlike the mild-mannered Dr. Banner. Blink your eyes and she might transform into a hitting, screaming ball of rage – could be because you blinked! Or because she wanted to push an eighty kilo trolley and couldn’t. It could be because the kitten in her book is not pink or because she can’t see her bum. This could happen behind closed doors (when I am very, very lucky), at a party, at a mall, at the swimming pool, the play pen, the airport.. you got the picture. But more often than not, she plays it for an audience, who are either silently judging or openly advising.

I have been advised to chastise her, ignore her, give her more ‘quality’ time. I have cried, begged, screamed back and mirrored my daughter’s mood for a couple of months. And then suddenly one morning last week, I decided to stop the madness.

 This is an ACTUAL developmental phase, no matter how closely it resembles a disorder. There is no parenting hack that is going to make her BEHAVE. So while I continue to guide her calmly on what is out of bounds, I am focusing hard on not losing IT. The hun bun’s growing a big, fat personality – call it the psychological teething phase if you will. She needs space, consideration and a lot of love. So be it…

And the real bonus, I think MY personality is also adding a couple of chapters on patience and maturity. Just what the doc ordered!

3 thoughts on “One. Two..Buckle Your Shoe, Fasten your Belt, Bumpy ride ahead…

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