5 things about co – sleeping with your toddler that’ll change your mind

I don’t co – sleep. But sometimes after her 5 am bottle of milk, I would be too lazy to put her back in her crib and let her be on the bed with us. And repent it, always! How my laziness overpowers my ability to learn from the past.

 So here are 5 things you haven’t heard about co – sleeping yet or have, and are still considering it as an option.  In which case you are beyond help, my friend:
#5 : That their legs have the magical powers to find your face. No matter how many times you move them back to a logical orientation, they would be right back kicking your teeth. Every. Single.Time.

#4: That they would sleep in the middle. And kick the blanket. And you will wish you were wearing overalls that covered your little feet which would be cold, cold, cold!

#3: That those little, beautiful, angelic things can snore, or wheeze, or whatever it is that you call the sound they make. Sometimes, when you are just dozing off nonetheless, they would scream. Just like that! Pointlessly and only long enough to wake you up completely.  When they are ascertained that you are no longer sleepy, they’ll go back to peaceful slumber. You would be left sleepless, wondering what horsepower God set these little engines at, to enable so much noise making capacity.

Adorable from any angle. Love the one with the bottle – reminds me of my younger days 😛

#2: That they need space. And I don’t mean commensurate to their size. The little pest will rotate and revolve and do flips in dimensions that you didn’t know existed till this point. If you are experienced at fighting for your spot on the bed (think of your worst sibling war for space), then you might just still be latching on to the bed in the morning.

#1: That they would look Sooooooo frikkin’ adorable doing all of the above, that you would blame yourself for needing space or blanket or sleep.

So co – sleeping is just what the doctor prescribed if you are looking for some eye bags and low self esteem.

Off to buy that crib yet?

2 thoughts on “5 things about co – sleeping with your toddler that’ll change your mind

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